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What does host email mean? Email hosting is a Web or Internet hosting service which rents out and operates email servers. Email hosting services are usually premium services which differ from the typical free webmail sites such as Yahoo and Google. ... Larger enterprises usually host their own email servers and forgo email hosting services. see this link: email host.

How do you use email?

For many email users, paid hosting is wholly unnecessary, but what about when you have important documents like bills, invoices, client contacts or any other pieces of sensitive information stored on your email account? Additionally, can you afford to lose subscribers, customers, etc. by having a clumsy and unprofessional generic email like your.business@gmail.com over your own domain such as info@your.business.com? In addition to the professionalism that having your own domain in your email provides, it’s advised to consider upgrading to email hosting instead of putting your data in the hands of a free email service like Google or Yahoo. Businesses pay for this service so that if something goes wrong, someone is there to help. There are plenty of email-related scenarios that could cause significant damage to your business: someone steals a password, hacks your email, or you simply forgot your password. You will be able to recover access to email and its associated files, swiftly. Why? Because you are paying for a premium service.

Consistently maintaining and supporting email yourself or relying on in-house services will not only add to your expenses, but will also increase the probability of virus infections, as well as hardware and software issues. Such problems could cause email not to function from several hours to days, which is why more businesses are opting for modern email hosting plans.

Paid email hosting isn’t just advantageous if and when something bad happens. It’s an easy way to get more reliable and efficient service. Plans vary from one provider to the next; however, you can bank on additional features, such as bundled apps like Microsoft Office Online. Even though all business professionals and organizations should have their own email, most people are unsure about email hosting, confusing the term with website hosting. Even if they understand the difference, they aren’t clear on how professional email can benefit them.

Although it’s not a topic on the tip of the average joe’s tongue, the basics of email hosting isn’t complicated. This comprehensive guide makes light work of explaining a service that could prove beneficial to your business. This rest of this page covers email hosting, what email hosting is, how it differs from domain and web hosting, which type can benefit your business, and most importantly, how to get it.

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